Europa Midtown East II

Europa Cafe (Midtown East II)

Europa Midtown East II

If this is what Europe is like, then book me one plane ticket to Europe! Wait, Europe isn’t a country? Shit, I knew I shouldn’t have spent my time during high school geography class doing whip-its in the parking lot. Next you’ll be telling me that General Tso didn’t lead the great fried chicken revolt of 1862! Imaginary or not, I kinda wish I could summon a Mongol hoard or two to run roughshod over just about every sandwich chain in Midtown and lay waste to their stale menu of samey-samey paninis and wraps, subs and soups. Do I really need another joint filled with run-of-the-mill pastries and baked goods, along with garden-variety salads and stupidly named stuff between bread? My turkey and brie with a slice of green apple on a seeded sub roll of sorts (and called something like the French Log) is the same damn fare found at every single place with an awning up and down Manhattan’s length. It’s not bad per se, but inspires less than a Harry Reid press conference. [MF]

515 Madison Ave. (at 53rd St.)