Wonder Foods


I guess if a sandwich could be a superhero, it would reside at Wonder Foods. This is more a commentary on the name than it is on the quality of the grub. I guess in the world of horrendous restaurant names, there are certainly worse, but seriously… Ironically (and not coincidently, as I’m feeling kinda Alanis Morissette today) I did see a woman who looked suspiciously like Lynda Carter ordering one of those salads that she probably thought was dietetic just because it’s a salad, but is, in fact, more fattening than two Big Macs dipped in Magic Shell. That wigged me out a little. What wigged me out even more is when Wonderwoman starred in a TV movie as a Playboy bunny–but that’s a window into my adolescence that I’d rather not go into in this forum. This place is like the Hall of Sandwiches (yeah it’s another nerdy Justice League joke), with its cavernous rows of breaded lunches. And then there’s the salads and that other counter that nobody seems to visit. It’s like the hot pasta bar or something–and none of these wacky carb-conscious stick figures want that crap. I mean the only folks even ordering paninis are dudes and a couple secretaries in control top pantyhose. The joint is high-ceilinged and colorful and gives off a nice, clean feel that is both pleasant and uninspiring. We’ll see how long this place lasts in this giant space. Mark my words. Mark my words. [MF]

390 5th Ave.