Sin Sin


I gotta say; I really don’t understand dj culture. “Spinning,” as they call it seems to me to just be some guys bringing their CD collection into a club and putting it into a player. We went to London a few years back, and I swear everyone we met claimed to be dj’ing at some club or other. We were invited to Sin Sin by a co-worker who spins there sometimes, and while I’m sure he’s a very fine dj, I can’t claim to have noticed him do much beyond what I did for fifty drunk sorority girls in college when I threw the latest Young Black Teenagers cut (that’s YBT to you, biatch!) on the house’s system. I’m clearly ignorant about this stuff (and I seriously apologize to said co-worker about my idiocy if he ever finds his way to this lame site) but I have a feeling that I’m not alone in my lack of comprehension. I will say that the music that did play at our happy hour gathering was good, and actually included some of that same great early-90s hip-hop that I “spun” at those house parties way back in the day (word!). The space is upstairs from another bar, and is pretty small and low-ceilinged. Normally that would be a bad thing, but not only did it make me feel taller than my towering 5’9″, it added a little bit of that VIP room ambiance that I imagine makes those celeb superstars like Eric Stoltz and Meg Tilly feel safe and special sequestered away from the general riff-raff. I had a great time hanging out, drinking entirely too many beers and listening to some retro tunes in this dark, cozy space. I’m not sure what the crowd is like normally, but as long as I can stock the place with my co-workers (both the patrons and the djs), it’s a fine, fine place to be. [MF]

85 2nd Ave.