St. Mark’s Ale House

St. Mark's Ale House


We’re not sure there was a huge outcry for a brightly-lit sports bar in this neighborhood, but we’ll have to take their word for it. Smack dab in the middle of rows of tattoo parlors, second-hand record shops and more face pierces than any block should ever have lies the nerdy classmate called St. Mark’s Ale House. St. Mark’s in name only, this place dares to provide its patrons with enough light to see their burgers and enough televisions to watch (gasp) their favorite sports teams. The light wood and brass look just doesn’t fit the location. Walking in or out of this joint just makes you feel like a giant geek or a desperate tourist. It would be like asking the CBGB bouncer if ABBA was playing there that night. It would be like pulling up in your Nissan Sentra to a drag race. It would be like going into a biker tattoo place and asking to have Barbara Streisand’s face inked on your ass. You get the idea. The place is just too clean and snazzy for the neighborhood. Now, if they could just transplant this joint to the UES where it belongs, a lot of khaki-wearing Giant fans would be very happy. [MF]

2 St Marks Pl.