The Gin Mill

The Gin MillAah, those first couple of post-college years spent drinking Bud Light at 4 AM on Thursday nights… Ah, the days when wearing your “good” hat constituted formal wear… If it’s been a few years since you waited around in the Lambda Lambda Lambda basement for the fat dufus in work boots to pump the keg of Koch’s Golden Anniversary–and you have a great urge to rekindle that flame of stupidity in your life–then head on over to Gin Mill and get yourself an eyeful of the good old days. Challenge the dude in the white Florida State cap to a game of “no-spinning” foosball. That youngish co-ed in the off-the-shoulder, “me Jane, you Tarzan” getup looks ready to throw a dart or two. Jeez, that guy with a serious case of chick-ass takes his Yankees very seriously. My, they are all consuming pitchers of light beer at an alarming rate! Much like our youth, that couple mauling each other in the corner will soon be slipping away, but if you want to drown your sorrows with your own kind, you can always rent the cool downstairs room that comes complete with a fireplace and its own bar. For those of you who have ever been to Syracuse, think Chuck’s minus the stupid Hacky Sack hippies and surly GDIs. [MF]

442 Amsterdam Ave.