Chef's Express


This is one of those weird places that is both full and empty at the same time. I’ve actually walked out of this joint empty-handed a couple times. It’s not from lack of foodstuffs, but more a matter of poor presentation or planning. Maybe it’s my delicate palate, but for a place that, on the surface, seems to have so much to offer, I had a hard time finding anything that appealed to me. They had drab salads and sad sandwiches and some paninis that all seemed to have at least one nasty ingredient in or on it. I think, more than anything else, the little back area that housed two dirty crocks (yes, with an ‘r’) of soup, drink fridges and a couple pathetic pairs of mole-ish office workers at rickety tables depressed me to the point coming in here made me want to run headlong into a dynamite factory wall. The food tasted of sorrow because this chef cooked with pure essence of lame. [MF]