Bombay Masala


The sign outside Bombay Masala claims it is the “Oldest Indian Restaurant in the U.S.A.” An interesting claim, but hardly verifiable. I mean, when was it that Indians started immigrating to this country and opening up restaurants? You’d figure it had to be while ago, right? This place has most likely been around since the early eighties, when they leased this lovely, second-floor space, but what do I know? Well, I know that the grub I secured for myself was pretty tasty. I know that Indian joints aren’t usually the best decorated places on earth (generally with a ton of Christmas lights, Bollywood posters/calendars, etc.), and this place doesn’t disappoint–although they have the good sense to skip the chili pepper bulbs. I know that I’m not very adventurous when it comes to Indian food, and that I seem to compare everything with Cafe Spice (the first Indian food I ever really ate on a regular basis), but nothing ever seems to stack up. Regardless, I’m hardly an aficionado, but I do have the oldest website called in the U.S.A. [MF]

148 W 49th St.