Lexington Rib Co.


Damn I love grilled chicken. I mean, who knew an animal so stupid could taste so good? We’re not going to pretend that this joint is an authentic Texas B.B.Q., but what do you expect on the UES of NYC? The owners are Chinese, they serve their chicken with pita bread and rice, and there’s no corn bread to be found anywhere. Despite the faux style, the food is good and the prices are cheap. For $9, they’ll give you a whole rotisserie chicken with pita, coleslaw and potato salad. I hate anything involving mayo, but the chicken alone is enough to fill you up good. We haven’t had the ribs yet, but they have pig ribs and cow ribs, along with some animal called a spare. If the smells are any indication, they’re very tasty too. The place itself is a little on the drab side, so we suggest taking your grub to go. This is one of those one-stop shopping places that make a really good weekly dinner. Yum. [MF]

1364 Lexington Ave.