Plan B


If this is Plan B, maybe they should move on to plan C or D or Z. I guess Drinkland was bought by somebody who thought they’d add some fake, plastic trees and zebra-stripe banquets and call out the troops for a whole new joint. Actually, we had no idea it wasn’t still Drinkland until we saw a flyer for some lame party sitting on one of the tables. They essentially gave the place a facelift, invited a whole new cheeseball crowd and let plan b loose on the world. Actually, the patrons seemed more lost and confused than anything else. They were probably confused by the odd, college tapestry pattern on the walls and the horrendous club music pumping at top volume from the ceiling and walls. I think the place is supposed to be retro, I think, but it comes off more like a low-rent South Beach gay club. Plan B? Plan yuck. [MF]

339 E 10th St.