Wow! The negative reviews for this place have been rolling in. Charges of food poisoning, one hour waits for lunches, rudeness and horrible food have been leveled against this Midtown Mexican restaurant. We won’t speculate on the food poisoning (all Mexican food comes with some pretty harsh side effects in the intestinally challenged) but we can attest to the horrible service, rude waiters and general apathy of everyone associated with this ridiculous establishment. Some say the food is actually decent, but when you’re pissed nothing tastes good. Zarela doesn’t serve your typical American Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas, etc.) but serves up a bunch of pork and fish in differing degrees of sauciness. We can say with certainty that the tamales were dry and tasteless. As for everyone else, they had to take their overpriced fare to go after sitting around waiting for an hour and twenty minutes to get their lunches, with no apology, no explanation… no tip. [MF]

953 2nd Ave.