44 & X

44&XAre you thin, neat, over thirty and single? No, I’m not lookin’ for a special friend, I’m telling you that you should come to this place and hang with your ilk. Granted, you’ll have to be thin to make your way around this narrow, crowded space. The IKEA-looking tables and chairs are practically stacked on top of each other, and the small bar actually sits within the dining room itself–putting the obnoxious cell phone freaks right in your lap. We found it kind of funny that so many “fabulous” people made their way to this desolate location across from the Gas ‘n Sip and surrounded by grungy Indian delis. The food is nothing if a bit schizophrenic. I’m not sure what they’re going for here, but the overall effect falls short of the hype. Usually places are trendy/popular for a reason, but this place seems to be crowded for the sheer reason that there is nowhere else to go in the immediate area. [MF]

622 10th Ave.