Pret a Manger (Murray Hill 2)

Pret a Manger Murray Hill 2

I only ended up here because that blasted Chipotle joint was apparently giving away peyote-dipped taquitos the way freaks were lining up to get take-out Mexican. Not that Pret is necessarily a bad second-place, but I really wanted a nice, smoky burrito that day. As a fast-food chain, one Pret doesn’t really vary much from one to the next. This one did seem kind of lonely considering the number of folks streaming by on 42nd Street. I don’t usually sit down at these places, but did this one day, and didn’t find it an entirely unpleasant experience. I’m sure I had one of two sandwiches I always get here (tuna or chicken) and I’m sure it was just fine, if not just a tad too cold from the refrigerated case. That is the downfall of this place, as they really don’t have much of a selection, and rarely, if ever, changes up their menu. So, if you don’t like any of the ten things they have, you’re kinda s.o.l., and there’s really no point in ever stepping foot in this place ever again. It certainly is good for a quick sandwich fix, and is consistent in a McDonald’s kind of way–no matter which one you go to, the tuna will always taste like tuna–kind of. [MF]

11 W 42nd St.