Blue and Gold Tavern

Blue & Gold Tavern

Blue and Gold TavernLook ma, no pretension. Who said just because we live in Manhattan that we have to pay outrageous prices for drinks? We realize rents are higher and general overhead is greater than that of a sports bar in bumblefuck Jersey, but really, six bucks for a pint of Bass? Come on. Then there’s Blue & Gold — a throwback to the days of good old fashion college drinking. You and seventy of your best buddies packed into a dark, dank cave of a place sucking down pint after pint of anything you want at less than $3 a shot. Want a Jack ‘n Ginger? $3.50. Done. Want a little, red plastic straw to stir your ice cubes? Go somewhere else, pussy. Blue & Gold may be a dive, but it feels inviting and nurturing (kind of like a giant, hops-yielding Ukrainian goddess). Of course, to complete the dive atmosphere, B & G comes complete with a pool table, great jukebox and loads of fresh cigarette smoke. [MF]

9 E 7th St (bet. 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)