Bourbon Street


What do you think of when you think of New Orleans? No, not predictably horrible football teams. No, not a giant plot by the Cubans, the mob, Texas oilmen and the CIA to assassinate President Kennedy. You think of partying! Well, that’s the idea here. Actually, there’s really not anything Marti Grasish about this joint. It’s more like Down the Hatch uptown, complete with red Christmas lights, lots of domestic light beer and a clientele that thinks the Star Wars series started with Episode 1. That’s not to say there isn’t a party atmosphere in this typical UWS teen scene boozathon that would seem much more at home on the UES circa 1995. Quite to the contrary, those who miss the hoopla of the Ski Bar and Zoo Bar can relive their early twenties with all the kiddies, as they stride up to the bar to order a giant Mai-Tai or Blue Lady (cuz those are what the “adults” drink, right?) [MF]

407 Amsterdam Ave.