Cafe Bon Jour Too


This is like the Mediterranean annex of Cafe Bonjour down the street. It has that clever “too” instead of “two” or “II,” which automatically puts me on edge and makes me think very briefly about burning the place to the ground for being dumb. Luckily for them I don’t really like fire, but I love the souvlaki and shawarma. I still don’t get that whole rotating meat thing off of which they chop chicken and lamb, but I don’t understand the combustion engine either and still love my car. The fact they even have the rotating chicken stick is awesome and quite rare (most places only have lamb). The place is otherwise unremarkable, but if you want to stink out your co-workers and have to break the bank on gum and toothpaste, go get your meaty treat at The Deuce! [MF]

2 E 39th St.