Brother Jimmy’s BBQ — The Original


Brother Jimmy's The Original


Coming from an individual who doesn’t dig on swine, this can hardly be a complete (or impartial) review. To be honest, Mr. Hipster hated Brother Jimmy’s more than Hitler. Not that he ever met the man, but while trying to push his way through drunken rednecks and vacuous ACC fans, he wouldn’t have been surprised to see der führer himself manning the DJ booth, playing “Free Bird” for the fifth time that evening. Then the joint up and moved. They didn’t move far, nor did they move far away from their formula: cheap American beer, wings and tons of loud hillbilly music. Throw in a bunch of TVs on which to watch football, checked tablecloths and decor straight out of the slums of Charlotte, and you have Brother Jimmy’s in a nutshell. We’ve mostly been there during the day since its move, and have enjoyed the blackened chicken sandwiches, fries and hot wings amongst the tiny crowd of bejerseyed locals. The new space is certainly set up better than the old joint, but the memories of fighting gangs of meatheads and their fishbowls full of plastic gators and bug juice has soured us on the rush hour crowd. Granted, we’re a few years older and wiser now, so maybe it’s time to give the kiddies a break. [MF]

1485 2nd Ave.