West Side Sushi


First, this place needs to clean the bird shit off of its awning. There’s nothing that primes the ole stomach for a meal like pounds of bird guano staring you in the face. Second, they need to get some customers, or I’m going to be sticking a big [CLOSED] tag on this entry in the very near future. The day I was there the sushi chef almost fell asleep in the middle of cutting my miniscule piece of salmon. The host looked so bored, I swear he was going to ask me if I could take him back to my office with me. The long, thin wooden space is reasonably cool, but the pall of boredom ruins any fun that might be had in this joint. That said, look to take one of the cheap lunch combos back to your office. Is it quality sushi? Hardly. Are you going to be hungry three hours later due to shrimpy shrimp and minnow-like tuna? Sure. But really, for the price, who needs to slip into a food coma and crash land at their desk? Fresh made sushi for the price of the stuff that sits in fridges all day long equals a good lunch deal in my book. Don’t expect Nobu and you won’t be disappointed. [MF]

717 9th Ave.