Bull McCabe's

Bull McCabe’s

Bull McCabe'sI’ve categorized this as an Irish Pub merely because the words “Irish Pub” are right there on the place’s awning. And, if I recall correctly, they have some of those forty-nine cent paper shamrocks on the wall that you can buy at the party store. It’s really more of a divey college bar replete with Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, a pool table and some of those classy electronic dartboards. The wood paneled walls, beat up stools and tables complete the look. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to remark about this bar. I mean there are some Irish dudes behind the bar who have clearly done their time behind a bar and have given up ever getting out. The floor looks as if a party full of dudes with sandpaper on their feet took skating lessons in the place and the whole joint just kind of feels like a frat basement ready for a party. Now I know this is all sounding negative and whatnot, but I think, had we been there at a time when there actual other human beings there, I would have found this to be a comfy, familiar bar that somehow exists in the tumult of St. Mark’s. So perhaps the next time I’m down in that area and don’t feel like going to a cheap sushi place or a cafe to get Internet access, I can duck in here for a Guinness and rough it for a night. [MF]

29 St Marks Pl.