No, it’s not one of those poofy sweaters that makes your neck sweat; it’s a cool downtown French restaurant that is one part Balthazar and three parts East Village. Casimir is a long, rustic space with a garden in the back, lined with wood-framed mirrors, dented, metal Parisian signs and other random junk. The clientele is mostly regulars from the neighborhood who love to order big bottles of sparkling water, steak frites and some of the best French onion soup this side of the Chunnel. Aside from the laid-back atmosphere, friendly waitstaff and ample portions of good food, the prices are actually reasonable. Go now and go often, but if you are a person who sweats like a pedophile at Gymboree, you may want to bring a portable fan as the air conditioning is about as effective as spray on hair. [MF]

103 Avenue B (btw 6th & 7th St.)