Shorty's Hell's Kitchen

Shorty’s – Hell’s Kitchen

Shorty's Hell's KitchenI have not the slightest idea why, but the name of this place comes off as slightly sexual and unappetizing to me. I suppose it’s not Stubby’s or Chode’s, but I don’t know. The funny thing is that this place is more of a bar than a restaurant, really, with lots of beer on tap and that narrow thing that NYC loves so much. I walked by it hundreds of times and cupped my hands on the window to peer in, thinking, “What kind of drunk walks in and orders a cheesesteak at a bar in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon?” It turns out my kind of drunk. Actually the place is kind of dual purpose. The small sports bar is really a front for the sandwich window in the back of the shop. And those cheesesteaks are actually quite tasty, including the chicken cheesesteak I sat around waiting for for about 15 minutes. The bread had a nice crunch to it, not soggy or stale. The chicken didn’t taste frozen or nasty, and the onions added a nice flavor. I got the shorty version of the sandwich, which was plenty. I can’t imagine upgrading to the full, and I can eat like a mofo. Granted the taps were calling me, but I somehow walked out with just a sandwich in hand secure in the knowledge that somehow a Philly steak on 9th Ave actually tastes better than the famous originals from the city of brotherly love. [MF]

576 9th Ave.