Così Sandwich Bar (Rockefeller Center)

Cosi Rock Center


I’ve rarely seen such shameless chazers. I’m referring to the bread-mooching asswipes who just duck their head into Cosí to snatch a piece of bread out of the discard bowl at the end of the counter, only to sprint back out for their fancy pants meal at Citarella, or wherever. Yes, the bread is good enough to inspire virtual thievery and general jerkiness. They have also made strides over the years to improve the quality of their actual meats and whatnot. The turkey is no longer pressed, but chunks of white meat, and the chicken (also chunk-like) tastes relatively fresh. I usually order something simple so as not to overpower the taste of the wonderful flatbread. They do also make an amazing vinaigrette that is currently making me drool thinking about it. I usually pair that with plain chicken and some red onions and I’m set. They still haven’t solved their terrible menu presentation, but those of us addicted to their crackloaf have memorized it anyway. This one gets particularly crowded at lunch, but the line generally moves pretty quickly. Just watch out for those pushy jackasses who will literally bite through your wrist if you’re grabbing the last chunk of carb castoff. [MF]

61 W. 48th St,.