As far as diners go, this one kinda rocks. Although calling it a diner is not really a fair comparison to those cheap, greasy Greek joints out there. It’s a bit like comparing Island Burger to Houston’s. I mean, yeah, they both serve burgers (one even specializes in ’em), but Houston’s is just a cut above. Of course that quality doesn’t come without a price–and Moonstruck is bit pricier than your average blt and souvlaki place, but it’s worth it. The one negative about this place is having to choose between all the great sounding things on the menu. I usually go with the turkey burger–or, if I’m feeling frisky–the bison burger. I don’t know if there’s a formal connection, but this place essentially mirrors the Sunflower Diner downtown a little. I’m sure they are, in fact, owned by the same people, or someone somewhere ripped someone off. Decent decor and a menu chock full of a good mix of grub makes for an enjoyable lunch that’ll make that so-so sandwich from Cosi, or wherever, seem like a bigger rip off than it already is. It does get crowded here during the lunchtime rush due to the dearth of decent places in this neighborhood, but if you wait your turn you’ll get a meal that won’t necessarily change your life, but might change the way you think about diners. [MF]

244 Madison Ave.