Reservoir Bar & Grill


Reservoir Bar & GrillWe guess college students need a place to watch sports too. Of course it’s not as if NYU students are going to be cheering on the Violets on ESPN or anything. We came here for happy hour in the middle of the week and found the patrons sleepy and the bar itself even sleepier. There may have been a Mets game on or something, but that holds about as much interest for Mr. Hipster as Jennifer Garner for a blind castrato. The darkness of the place helped with the drowsy atmosphere and the dark wood sucked whatever life was left in the place out of it like a black hole. The beer signs in the front window and the big cigarette barrel outside the front door really class the place up. We certainly didn’t have a bad time here, but it’s hard to recommend a plus with absolutely no personality or soul. It was mellow, it was somewhat friendly and we didn’t catch herpes or anything from the barstools. I guess we’ll just have to imagine what it would be like if there was a good sporting event on and a couple people there who gave a damn. [MF]

70 University Pl.