E.J.’s Luncheonette (Upper East Side)

EJ's Luncheonette

EJ's LuncheonetteE.J.’s is yet another brunch place with the retro look, where 95% of the clientele are too young to remember ever going to a real luncheonette. The decor and feel is supposed to mimic a 50’s diner, much in the style of places like Jackson Hole and Googies. Just like Googies, hordes of youngish yuppies flock to this place every Sunday morning to wait in line to scarf things like Cornflake encrusted challah French toast and eggs Benedict. E.J.’s does a brisk weekend breakfast and brunch business, but stays open into the night, serving mostly salads, burgers and some pastas. The menu is pretty limited, so picky eaters may want to go elsewhere, but the early day food is admittedly tasty even if it is overpriced. The waiters at all the locations seem to be constantly running around trying to serve customers, and sometimes forgo running a mop over the white tile floors and aluminum accents. Again, if you demand a sparkling clean eating environment, you may want to take your bubbleboy ass home and go eat space food in your oxygen tent. [MF]

1271 3rd Ave. (bet 73rd & 74th St.)