Big Sur


If Dakota had a slightly uglier, shorter, more quick to anger sibling, this would be her. Luckily this story has a happy ending, as Big Sur ends up the famous brain surgeon, and the Dakota ends up washing floors in the nudie booths at a peep show in Fargo (well, one could hope). Dim to the point of absurdity, Big Sur tries the UES lounge thing, filled with twenty-something girls in those tight black pants and guys with all the appropriate facial hair. Where it differs from Dakota is in its lack of bridge and tunnel freaks, fake blondes and attitude toting help. Gone are the 27 girls sitting at the bar drinking zinfandel and the dudes in the stretchy muscle-t’s and in their place is a nice mellow crowd who all seem to just want to stare at all the other beautiful people who don’t have the cajones to try the 150 Irish pubs down the street. [MF]

1406 3rd Ave.