El Sombrero

El Sombrero (aka: The Hat)

El Sombrero

Jefe, would you say we had a plethora of cucarachas? Well, they’re not visible, but we certainly know they’re there–lurking in the corners and rubbing their spindly legs together, coveting your calorie-rich meat log (otherwise know as a burrito). Quite honestly, the space here looks like a dilapidated bodega that was hastily cleared to make room for a few tables and some extra dust bunnies. While this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, sometimes these are the best places in which to chow Mexican food. We would expect nothing less (or more) when it comes to Latin food on the Lower East Side. Regulars know not to order the sizzling fajitas, as the low-ceilinged dining room fills with smoke like a Jersey sports bar on free Marlboro and chicken wings Sunday. Luckily my tasty chicken burrito didn’t cause a lick of emphysema, and actually went down quite smoothly. This is a decent neighborhood option for a quick, cheap meal that hopefully won’t confuse any of you morons out there with the whole sombrero/hat thing. [MF]

108 Stanton St. (bet Essex & Ludlow)