The Hog Pit

The last thing I would ever expect to see at a redneck barbeque place is a gay softball team. But there they were. Proving the old adage that deep down everyone loves meat and beer. That is everyone but vegetarians and prohibitionists–but even they would change their minds if they had The Hog Pit’s brisket and mac & cheese with a nice, cold domestic lager. The atmosphere and surroundings are not unlike those of Brother Jimmy’s Bait Shack, or a shabbier Duke’s, but in a neighborhood known more these days for its $4,000 designer pants and dumb clubs full of dumb dummies. And, of course, I mean that in the nicest way. While everyone else in the ‘hood is waiting in line and doing whatever it is they do to bouncers to get in to these joints, I’m enjoying my grilled meat with tasty sides served on a genuine Southern tin prison plate. The music may kinda stink–and so may the place itself–but as a stop over between engagements, or after work for happy hour and a fattening dinner you and your swine-diggin’ buddies can go hog wild. [MF]

22 9th Ave.