Mr. Mxyzptlk, are you there? Boy have we found the place for you. Better not call Bizarro Superman and The Scarecrow to tell ’em where to meet, as uttering this joint’s name will send you back to that awful fifth dimension from whence you came. All nerdy Superfriends allusions aside, Ixta has an odd, unapproachable quality that is both too slick and too tired. It’s like buying that coast guard orange BMW 325; at first it’s shiny and new and exhilarating and different and a real conversation piece. Then after everyone has seen it, and you go through a winter, the thing loses its luster and you’re just the jackass who bought an orange car. I’m sure people were enthralled with Ixta’s cool design when it first opened, but it’s so distinct and, well, orange that it makes it a one-time novelty joint and not a habitual, go-to kind of joint. Despite this, our one visit was fun, as we sat and chatted with the friendly bartender and he denied drink after drink to the very young ladies stumbling/floating over from the stuffed Red Skyacross the street. We didn’t dine on any of the Mexican-tinged foodstuffs, but the menu looks somewhat limited, but tasty. Who knows what life will bring us, but I have this feeling that, despite having a good experience, life will not bring us to Ixta again. [MF]

48 W 29th St.