Harp Bar & Restaurant


Harp Bar


We have a test for you. We’ll blindfold you and drop you in any of the handful of Irish pubs surrounding Madison Square Garden. After removing your eyewear we’ll have you name which one you are in. Odds are there is no way in hell you’ll be able to do it. Mustang Sally’s? Mustang Harry’s? Triple Crown? The Harp Bar does nothing to distinguish itself from any of these places. Maybe this is done on purpose. Is Mustang Harry’s too crowded? Come to the Harp Bar and have the exact same experience. We guess we really shouldn’t expect much originality from a place that caters to hundreds of people a week all dressed in blue polyester mesh hockey and basketball jerseys. Honestly, it’s not a bad place to grab a couple pints before a game (and is certainly a step up from the Blarney Rock around the corner), but aside from being completely cookie-cutter, the prices are not so good and the waitress service is horrendously slow. Basically, you’d be better off getting tanked at home first and avoiding the whole scene all together. [MF]

132 W 32nd St.