Mary Ann’s (Upper East Side II)

Mary Ann's Upper East Side


We can only assume this location was opened to catch the overflow from Mary Ann’s 77th St. location. We’re going to let the owners in on a little secret: people don’t like coming to 93rd St. and 2nd Ave. unless they are 17 year-olds looking to get into a bar, shady dudes buying a large shipment of stolen electronic equipment, or sad folks who live on 93rd Street and 1st Ave. Luckily for them, there are those of us desperate enough for Mexican to make the two block journey for overcooked fajitas and frosty margaritas to make it worth their while to stay open. We wouldn’t call business at this location brisk, especially considering the size of the place. This is another one of those weird spaces in the UES that can’t seem to retain a tenant. It has held everything from an Irish pub to a Japanese and then an Italian restaurant. They all failed. People from 72nd St. aren’t going to go slumming up in this area. They’d rather wait an hour for a table at the other UES location. We hope management’s miscalculations on the demand for a Mexican restaurant in this area doesn’t cause its demise. We can’t see a lot of people bidding for the 25 ft. cactus/column in the front bar or another UES space with bizarre dimensions and horrible location. [MF]

1803 2nd Ave.