Despite being born in the 70’s, we can’t imagine that the fifties ever actually looked like this. We’re not talking the Grease 50’s, but the era and feel that The Jetsons mimicked, with the vinyl puffy couches, funky star wall hangings, and amoeba-shaped tables. Even if there were a few space-age bachelor pads out there, we doubt that old Ike Eisenhower would have appreciated the nuances of kitsch lounge. There seems to be an abundance of these retro-lounge joints in the East Village, although this one pulls it off better than most, as its faux-velvet-rope exterior gives way to a pleasant, young group of hipsters and alterna-traders swilling pricey cocktails and comparing knee-boots in comfy booths and couches. The bar is surprisingly devoid of attitude, although it’s tough to be snobby when your menu includes deviled eggs and frozen T.V. dinners. How chic. [MF]

103 2nd Ave.