It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised. We’re not usually big on the SoHo lounge scene. Maybe it’s because we still think short-sleeve polyester shirts are cool. Maybe it’s the horrible attitude we expect from everyone involved–from the staff, to the patrons, to the squirrelly guy in the bathroom who’s trying to sneak a peek through his $1,200 glasses over the urinal divider. Giant bouncers and fashionistas aside, who wants to feel like a schlub just because your not wearing something that was personally handled by a tailor in Milan? The animal print sofas and pillow dividers didn’t give us a good first impression (horrified us, really) but our incredibly tall, thin server was very nice, friendly and quick, despite our rather drab wardrobe. It’s nice to see in this day and age a person that understands being nice to people actually garners you a larger tip. Being a snob does nothing other than to discourage this practice. Not only was the service good, and the surroundings pretty cool, the drinks were strong and not as expensive as you’d imagine at a joint like this. To add to our enjoyment, we got to witness several vapid women blow off our single male friends and several others talk about stuff that’s never been discussed outside the pages of In Style or The National Bubblehead Gazette. Overall, we’d recommend this joint to the SoHo hipster newbie who is usually allergic to velvet ropes, but isn’t afraid to mix with a slightly more upscale crowd than your average foosball parlor. [MF]

151 Mercer St.