Red Garlic


You won’t be surprised to know that most of the dishes at this Thai seafood joint have garlic in them. And what a fruit it is. Wait, what the hell is garlic? It’s not a fruit or a vegetable or a spice or a legume. Huh, I’m at a complete loss. In addition to hitching its wagon to a strong-tasting root thing, this place purports to serve mostly creatures from the ocean. I guess ordering fowl of the earth wasn’t the best decision (kinda like getting mac ‘n cheese at Red Lobster), but it didn’t kill me, so I suppose it wasn’t the stupidest decision I ever made. That, my friends, is a story for another day. Despite it not being their specialty, the dish wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either, as I remember it about as well as trigonometry. I vaguely remember some chicken chunks floating in a red sauce–sweet and sour, perhaps? Other than that, I recall a reasonably crowded, quite dark space, and not the cheapest prices in the world. I also recall slow service and a weird atmosphere. Sounds great, right? Okay, it wasn’t. [MF]

916 8th Ave.