Mariachi Mexico 2


For some odd reason there seems to be a Mexican enclave over on Tenth Ave between forty and fifty-something streets. While I’m most definitely not into Mexican music (there are a few record stores in the area), I do love the chow from down south. Growing up in Southern California, one inherently likes three things: cottage cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and Mexican food. Okay, I’m not a huge fan of dried, sour fruit, but those tacos and burritos make me very happy. Mariachi is as authentic as one can get in Manhattan. Although unlike its neighbor down the street, Tovar’s, Mariachi is less authentic in the cleanliness department, choosing to sweep the floor occasionally, and hang some shit on the walls. And like good Mexican grub, the stuff is cheap and plentiful. Granted, walking down to 10th Ave. is a complete pain in the ass on most days, but on one of those mild afternoons when Subway just isn’t going to cut it for the fifteenth lunch in a row, saunter on down, grab a burrito and go away full and bursting with Latin pride (and gas). [MF]

752 10th Ave.