Red Rock West Saloon


Red Rock West


Imagine if you and your drunken fraternity buddy sat down one night after a fat J and a couple quarts of O.E. and tried to dream up the perfect bar that you could open for you and your guy friends to hang out. Yeah, there’d be scantily clad female bartenders, and they’d dance on the bar, dress up in costumes and wiggle around to certain crazy rock songs. They’d breathe big Bacardi 151 fireballs out their mouths and lick shots off of your chest, basically make out with each other and then at 4AM they’d dance around and pour pitcher after pitcher of water all over each other. But a place like that could never exist — or could it? It can. It does. And it’s way the hell over on 10th Ave. and 17th St. If you don’t mind hanging with a bunch of dudes, listening to George Straight and getting a little wet and a lot drunk, then come on down to bumble-fuck nowhere and have a really good time. [MF]

457 W 17th St.