Bengal Express



I love how some foreign food joints need to dumb down their names in order to appease us dumb Americans–as if an authentic Indian name would fuck us up so bad we would never remember the name of the place. Ironically, I can’t remember a damn thing about this restaurant. I remember getting some chicken tikka or something to go. I remember being pissed that the raita is like $2.50 extra (sauce should be included, dammit!) and I remember all my co-workers complaining about the smell when I brought it back to the office–Indian food won’t make you friends. Honestly, I don’t consider myself an Indian food connoisseur (nor do I consider myself a tall person or a tan person), but stuff probably tasted like cheap Indian food tastes. The chicken was probably a little too fatty. The restaurant was small and cramped, as most tiny cubicle restaurants on 9th Avenue are, and I do recall being the only person in the place when I sat down after placing my order. In any case, I’m going to keep trying to expand my horizons, despite the sometimes mediocre results. [MF]

789 9th Ave.