City Crab

[CLOSED at this location]

City Crab looks like an expensive suit joint in that “whatever” neighborhood above Union Square and East of The Flatiron District. Well, whatever ‘hood it is, looks can be deceiving. Inside, the place is cavernous, with two full levels of tables, several bars and tons of wood. It has the obligatory lobster/crab tank with rubber-banded crustaceans trying their hardest not to look delicious, good looking waitstaff and a semi-nautical motif. The food is far from outrageously good, but the Sunday jazz brunch is pretty cool, as you munch on a soft-shelled crab sandwich and listen to a groovy trio belt out some tunes. Amazingly, the prices are lower than one would expect, and it does have a fun atmosphere that would be perfect for a larger group or out-of-town guests. [MF]

235 Park Ave. S. (at E. 19th St.)