Saigon Fun


“Not so fun, really,” is the oft-used quip about this Hell’s Kitchen Vietnamese joint. “The food would have been better if they offered a happy ending or some sort of free sliced oranges for dessert,” was another classic. Unfortunately, both sentiments really capture the flavor–or lack there of–of Saigon Fun and its somewhat lackadaisical attitude toward decent cuisine. Where as other Vietnamese food we’ve had was robust, flavorful and somewhat juicy, Saigon Fun’s fare was more small, shriveled and, honestly, kind of rabbit turd-like. The space itself has the unmistakable feeling of your neighborhood Greek diner, complete with mirrors and icicle lights hanging outside. This is definitely one of those places that just hopes to catch some of the lunchtime overflow from the hundreds of area restaurants and aspire to absolutely nothing more. [MF]

772 9th Ave.