Famous Original Ray's Pizza Yorkville


We’re not sure what makes NYC pizza shop owners think that the name Ray somehow inspires people to buy pizza, but judging by the number of shops in the city with the “Ray’s” moniker, there is some serious brainwashing going on out there. You got your Famous Ray’s (not original). Your got your Original Rays’ (not famous). You got your New York Ray’s (neither famous nor original). You got your World Famous Ray’s (so people in Afghanistan have heard of this place?) You got your plain old Ray’s (he’s just lazy.) Then, you got your blatant rip offs like Ray’s Real Pizza and A Plus Ray’s (the lamest of them all). And who can forget that smart-ass in Brooklyn who named his place Not Ray’s? Funny, jerk. Luckily this Ray guy doesn’t spend all his time fighting copyright infringement suits, but concentrates on making a decent New York pizza and tasty chicken/eggplant rolls. Unfortunately the quality of the pies is somewhat uneven. If you have the lazy guy working that day, you may get the slice that stayed in the oven a little too long. If you have the guy who’s supposed to be meeting his drug connection on the corner of 96th and 1st, you may get the doughy, underdone slice. Overall, though, the pizza is great for one of those late night drop-ins or Sunday football parties at home. Try the garlic knots and watch the people on the subway scatter to avoid your stinkin’ ass. [MF]

1827 2nd Ave (bet. 94th & 95th St.)