Sushi Hana


Designed to look like a quaint Japanese dojo or something, we actually saw a crazed, drunken man dressed in fatigues staring in the window tearing at his face and screaming something about Charlie and napalm. While Sushi Hana in no way elicited this kind of reaction from us, we feel like a “military action” against the kitchen wouldn’t have been completely out of order. Maybe some Agent Orange would have added some flavor to their otherwise boring presentation and lifeless fish. Look, we’re not talking a whole war here or anything (the situation isn’t that desperate), but maybe a little insurrection. And, yes, I do realize that all these references are Vietnamese in nature, but our poor, delusional friend outside was so convinced that he was in Khe Sanh, we didn’t want to let on to the contrary. Plus, if he has an Internet connection, he might track me down and give me the business. (And, yes, I know the difference between Japan and Vietnam, but, as usual, I’m just being an ignorant asshole.) [MF]

1501 2nd Ave.