Village Idiot

[CLOSED] Became: Gin Lane

You know a bar must really have something going for it if it can make hour after hour of country music tolerable. You know a bar has something going for if you don’t mind standing ankle deep in fresh vomit and venturing into possibly the worst bathrooms on the entire planet to suck down $1.75 Pabst Blue Ribbons and $5 pitchers. This giant space certainly has something going for it–good times! It doesn’t hurt that the all-female bartending crew wears midriff baring tanks, cowboy hats and smiles wider than a Mickey’s Big Mouth. It doesn’t hurt that said bartenders make eye contact with you (even if you’re nowhere near the bar) and have your brew ready before you even ask for it. It doesn’t hurt that everyone here seems to be incredibly drunk and extremely friendly. This joint just looks like a bar that’s ready to brawl, but we think that drunk male patrons don’t want to look like punks in front of the cute help. Unlike other bars of this type in the neighborhood (namely Red Rock West) there are actually women in the place–drunk women. If you’re looking to sit at a brass rail bar in a high stool and sip Guinness all night, then get your ass to an Irish pub, but if you’re looking to spend less than $20 and almost certainly barf doing it, then Village Idiot is your country western dream. [MF]

355 W 14th St.