An actual conversation with a bouncer at Al’s:
Me: “So, do you guys get all the games on Sunday”
Bouncer: “Which games?”
Me: “Um, the football games.”
Bouncer: “Is it on TV?”
Me: “…”
Bouncer: “Is the game on ESPN?”
Me: “Well, (trying not to sound condescending) there are a bunch of games on TV tomorrow, but you’d need a satellite to get most of them.”
Bouncer: “Oh, we don’t have one of those, but we have a bunch of TV’s.”
Me: “I see. Will you be getting satellite so you can show all the games?”
Bouncer: “…yeah, in a couple weeks.”
Three weeks later we come back to watch a game. They’re showing a CBS show about a woman giving birth to twins. The only person working there has no idea how to change the channel or make drinks. The two other patrons in the huge place are so drunk they have no idea that this is some seriously disturbing stuff (the live birth on TV). Even more disturbing to us is that someone could spend all this money to buy and fix up a bar only to mismanage it so poorly that its fate is already sealed. It almost makes you nostalgic for the Bear Bar. [MF]

1770 2nd Ave.