Caliente Cab Co.Addendum [hey, things change]
After the Giuliani no-fun machine got ahold of the all-you-can-drink specials in the mid and late nineties, the Caliente margarita brunch went from unlimited booze to just two margaritas per person. And now their brunch has been eliminated all together. Nobody’s crying about the demise of the nasty brunchadilla, dry roadhouse burger or whatever that chicken sandwich thing was, but it’s sad to see a venerable tradition like getting sloshed on frozen margaritas before 1PM go the way of hard contact lenses and the contraceptive sponge. It’s always entertaining hanging out at the bar here on a Saturday afternoon watching the double-decker tourist buses roll by while listening to absolutely atrocious eighties music, but it could be one of the least hip spots you could possibly spend an afternoon. [MF]

Original Review
“I was so drunk on margaritas I forgot to try the food”, is the most common response from surveyors. Others did try the food, but couldn’t remember it because, once again, they were too drunk on margaritas. What have we learned from this? Go to Caliente to drink the margaritas, because the food just isn’t that memorable. Go on Sundays, when the margaritas are free from twelve to three, as long as you’re eating. [MF]

61 7th Ave S.