Mama Mia 44swCheap Italian food in the Theater District should be a hot commodity. After all, who has the time to wait in those insane lines at Carmine’s? The thing that sinks 44 Southwest’s ship is the fact that dining area can only hold about seven people comfortably. It’s not like you, your parents and your great aunt Erma–along with your coats–are going to fit your fat asses in this place at the same time, especially considering the fact the smiling owners apparently use one of the few tables to sit and count their money. Granted, they were friendly and smiley and waved at us in that “we don’t really speak English” kind of way, but why limit an already cramped occupancy? The food itself wasn’t bad. I can’t claim it was particularly memorable, but I’m sure it was still twenty times better than any Olive Garden in the country–and about the same price. [MF]

621 9th Ave.