Toasties East at 48Toasties, by look and feel alone, is what you kind of imagine your ultimate sandwich joint to be. It’s a little bit white and space age (but kind of in a retro way) like a Dishes, but still comfortable and devoid of lunching lady assholes like your local roll-slingin’ deli grill. But clearly, after raiding the West Elm catalog, they’ve put some thought not only into their decor but also the actual food menu. There ain’t no “delightful” or “Italiano” pre-made and under glass. Though there are some cute names on their actual printed and clearly stated menu like “The Sgt. Sweet Pepper,” “E-Z” and “Birdbrain.” Granted, I don’t know how excited I can get about eating something called the “Spicy Marvin,” but even that thing (meatloaf with mozzarella, bacon, hot peppers, lettuce, and gravy) probably beats the pants off the limp excuse for grub the other sandwich shops try to pass off as sustenance. I had the chicken teriyaki (grilled chicken breast with melted fresh mozzarella cheese, grilled onions, romaine lettuce, tomato, and teriyaki sauce) and it was shockingly tasty. Tasty in like a real food kind of way. So, just so you have this straight: we have a chain-ish joint (three family-owned restaurants in NYC) that puts some thought into its atmosphere and design, makes its food fresh and fun and creates stuff that’s actually good when it leaves the store. Wow, will miracles never cease? If you believe in that type of shit… [MF]

6 E 48th St.