Haru (Times Square)


Haru Times Square

[CLOSED at this location]

As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the few restaurant chains in the city that’s worth a damn. This location is nicely decorated in that minimalist, Japanese way, with bamboo, hard surfaces and low lighting. The bathrooms are odd in that you wash your hands (if you’re into that kind of thing) in the restaurant itself–after exiting one of the one-person wash closets (so Euro!). There’s nothing like a little public lathering to get you in the mood for pillowy sushi. Like its other locations (and most Japanese restaurants for that matter), this place is all about the sushi. Actually, one dish that can’t be missed is the tuna and avocado salad–a tasty plate of rare tuna, avocado and a really small sprig of greens. It’s the perfect opening for the sushi onslaught that is sure to follow. Get ready for some seriously buttery fish on top of rice that you can dip in soy sauce if you like (for those of you backward yahoos out there not familiar with what sushi is). All right, we’re going to assume that those of you hip enough to check out Mr. Hipster’s Booze & Grub Survey are familiar with raw fish in some fashion, but this stuff is not your typical water-breathing, multi-finned friend; it’s almost as addictive as crack, and certainly more expensive. You’ll find yourself craving the salmon and eel until you can think of nothing else. You won’t be able to work. You won’t be able to sleep. You won’t be able to write a review until you have… [MF]

205 W 43rd St.