Quiznos (Murray Hill)

Quiznos Murray Hill


Why does toasting make sandwiches so damn good? I mean it’s a pretty simple concept, but one that like catapults the normal sub into the stratosphere. Now all the places are doing it, but Quiznos is the original–or at least the first of all the crappy sandwich chains I’ve been to. I’m not sure what they were thinking of with those singing hamsters way back when (that sandwich was kinda chunky and you had to eat around the cartilegde and fur) but nothing is more annoying than that damn talking baby. That Bob shit with his computer enhanced talking face makes me almost not want to ever eat here again–but I can’t resist the toasted rosemary bread and red pepper sauce (which might as well be called crack spread). The help at this particular location could be a little more hygenic, a little more on the ball and a little friendlier, but I guess I’d be kinda pissy and spaced out if I was harrased all day to hold the mayo and add bacon to sandwiches that have no business being anywhere near pig. I mean, why the hell would you ask for pork on a French dip? It’s like adding a bayonet to an AK-47. Otherwise, this is your typical Quiznos on a non-descript block in a non-descript neighborhood. There aren’t a ton of seats either, so plan to take your meal out and avoid the glare from the cashier as she asks for your cash without the slightest hint of eye contact or common courtesy. [MF]

2 E 38th St.