Au Bon Pain (Murray Hill)

Au Bon Pain Murray Hill


The word “vanilla” always springs to mind when thinking about this place. The whole joint just stinks of half-assery. They must figure if they open one of these personality-less chains in a high traffic area that people will feel trapped into coming in. Really, it’s not as if those office jockeys are compelled to eat here, but often there’s nothing else quick in the area, or their lunch-going spirits have been broken and they’ve just given up. I stopped in this particular location for some coffee before a job interview, and seem to remember thinking that if I got the job that I’d never step foot back inside this soul-sucking den of honkiness again. Well, I got the job, and the closest I’ve come to the place is when I jogged by and snapped the blurry photo you see to the left. [MF]