Boat Basin


I can’t help but feel like an extra from Gladiator standing in this joint. Stepping below West End Avenue into this ring of stone and concrete is kind of like being transported back to ancient times–or at least somewhere in Europe. That esthetic is somewhat ruined by the plastic tables, plastic signs, plastic cups and plastic people. Fortunately, not even the lack of beer choice and yuppie meat-market scene can kill the beautiful views from the patio of the Hudson River flowing past New Jersey. Seriously, I swear, it’s quite a site despite what you’ve heard about The Garden State. The patrons here seem suspiciously nosy and tend to be drunk singles with staring problems, but overall this is actually a cool place to meet on a nice, warm night after work. The bar and grill are only open from April through October, and is probably closed on seriously rainy or cold nights, so don’t try to go there in a snow storm or anything, but you could probably do worse if you’re looking to meet Ms. Right and her dog. Oh, the burgers are actually pretty decent and, despite the sticky menus and plastic cutlery, this might not be a bad joint to meet out one of your whims. [MF]

W 79th St. & The Hudson River