While you’re not going to have any wild times in Brewsky’s, or meet the woman of your dreams (unless your dream woman happens to be a 35 year-old, lost-looking mute) you could certainly do worse for a cheap pint of obscure ale and a nice, quiet place to chat with some buddies. Right down the street from the equally ancient McSorley’s, Brewsky’s claims to have been established in 1886 (presumably by Russians or Poles and not Irish) and probably hasn’t changed much since then. Featuring a hand written board filled with left-of-center drafts both domestic and foreign and a good deal of obscure bottled beer, Brewsky’s has the feel of hanging out in a pub in an old house. Toy trains and other knick-knacks surround the small space, and a few stools at the small bar make for an intimate atmosphere. This isn’t the kind of place where you have to fight your way to the bar, or stand long with a bill in your hand trying to wave down the barkeep in the miniskirt, it’s the place you come before or after. [MF]

43 E 7th St.